Télécharger all my diabetes shit diabetes log book daily

Ep. 37- Insulin, Obesity \u0026 Weight Loss (Ft. James Krieger)

Log books and data collection are a crucial part of keeping your diabetes under control. When you write down the number it is easier to see your blood sugar patterns and know when you are on target or, conversely, why you are not on target. For most people, trying to remember multiple blood sugar numbers and what was happening at the same time as the blood sugar check is difficult and often inaccurate.

In addition to the blood sugar result, it is important to record your insulin dose, food and carbohydrate intake, and activity level. Ask you doctor for blood sugar monitoring and log book recommendations that are specific for you.

The intensive insulin therapy log book captures the most important variables that affect the blood sugar, including:. Download a printable version of an Intensive Log Book. Self assessment quizzes are available for topics covered in this website. The quiz is multiple choice. Please choose the single best answer to each question.

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Feel bad after eating. Thread starter gobo Start date Dec 26, Hi everyone, a little long I'm sorry I was wondering if someone can help me with a few questions.

What Does it Mean When Your Poop Floats? Asking For a Friend

I guess a little first. I was always a very healthy guy until I've been feeling "sick" since I was around 22 in the mid 80's. At that age I was very active but I ate terribly. I mean I lived on junk food and candy. Probably burned out my pancreas.

Not to surprising now that I started feeling run down, dizzy and overall not well. I asked but the doctor and he said a poor diet wouldn't cause it. Not much has changed there in 20 years! They did a barrage of tests and found nothing except that my 5 hour Glucose Test came back high. I believe it peaked at around and then dipped to 60ish. They never said anything about diabetes. I continued to feel ill. Later in the 's a new doctors started doing the A1C and it was around 8, he also never said diabetes and only that I should maybe eat less carbs to prevent diabetes.

Later on around with the same doctor my A1C hit 11 and I was "officially" diagnosed with Diabetes. I didn't want to take meds so since then I brought my A1C down to 5. My A1C has been in the 5. I spike to up to when I eat badly and usually hover around between meals, never really going under I tried meds but none agreed with me.You might want to see a doctor for your floaters. Most of the time, it's probably a pretty standard view: solid, dark brown, kind of snakes around the toilet bowl.

But some days, depending on how you're feeling or what you ate, it might look a little Even that's likely not going to sound your alarm bells, but what if you actually see a floating log in the bowl—does that warrant a freak out? Poop can float for a few reasons—the most benign being that it simply has extra gas in it.

télécharger all my diabetes shit diabetes log book daily

That's because sometimes the foods that make us fart think beans, cauliflower, and sugar-free candies can cause such a buildup of gas that some of it gets lodged in our poop, Rabia De Latour, MDa gastroenterologist and assistant professor of medicine at NYU Langone Health, tells Health. When that happens, your poop floats simply because air is less dense than water. This is pretty normal, and only happens every once in a while. Another reason for floating poop, however, is a bit more worrisome.

Think of it like a separated salad dressing—the oil fat floats to the top. De Latour says. Instead, floating poop and the excess fat that causes it are an indicator of several different health problems—all of which have the same symptom in common: malabsorption.

De Latour. That means something in your digestive system is out of whack, making you unable to digest your food properly. De Latour says malabsorption and floating poop is typically caused by three main conditions: celiac disease, lactose intolerance, or pancreatitis. All three health conditions mess with your digestion. People who have celiac disease, for example, struggle to digest gluten a group of proteins that exist in the starch of certain grains, like wheatwhile people who are lactose intolerant have trouble digesting lactose a sugar found in milk.

FYI: The pancreas is a large gland behind the stomach that secretes digestive juices, according to the U. National Library of Medicine. Pancreatitis happens when the digestive juices in the pancreas start digesting the pancreas itself and therefore harm the gland. If your daily glance into the toilet shows floating poop a few times a week for more than a month, it's definitely time to make an appointment with a doctor, who will likely test for any underlying causes and other vitamins or nutrients you may be deficient in remember, floating poop is a sign of malabsorptionsays Dr.

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télécharger all my diabetes shit diabetes log book daily

All rights reserved. Close View image.At Integrated Diabetes Services we have a team of experts available to help you or your loved one get in control of your blood sugar, setup a healthy diet, manage a cgm and so much more! Ready to get back on track? This is the same as the weekly logsheet, but the columns are broken down by hour and it includes more area for notes.

A record keeping form for pump users. Includes room for blood sugars, grams of carbohydrate, boluses, basal rates, physical activity and notes. This logsheet is ideal for those with Type 2 diabetes.

It includes 6 days per page and space for blood sugars, medication, food and activity input. Use this printable weekly logsheet to track your blood sugar patterns by recording your readings before all meals and snacks. This is a number of carbohydrates covered by typically one unit of insulin as a means of calculating meal coverage insulin doses.

You can print off any of our log sheets from our website. You can select either w word document or PDF version and print out as many as you would like. We do not send these out routinely. Thank you. Individual printer and computer settings may change formatting and size. I recommend working with someone who is computer savy to adjust your settings for printing larger format.

Thank yo9u Integrated Diabetes. My life is getting better because of your help. Thank You for the variety of schedules. Omg exactly what I was looking for. I was stressed looking for log books. This just simplified my life. I need to be able to type all my info into my computer and be able to print it out when needed. I am new to diabetes type 1 because of an islet cell transplant. It would just be so much easier if I could just go on my iPad and type it in instead of keeping a hand written log.

I am not good with computers. Any suggestions? We recommend the MySugr app. You can enter blood sugars, insulin doses, carb counts, even food notes, activity notes etc.

It is easy to use and convenient. Go to this link and select the logsheet you want to use: integrateddiabetes. Unfortunately, no. Just had my first book translation Think Like A Pancreas into Italian, so hopefully we can start working on more multi-lingual projects soon. Sorry… the most we can do is a week on a page. If you are able to create one that records an entire month and are willing to share it, let me know. We may be able to post it on our website.

Interesting, on the monthly log sheet. I keep a monthly calendar on my fridg that I print out from the internet. You would have to write small, but depending on the data you are collecting it may work.

The daily sheets can be burdensome and if just want to have one sheet to document, there you go. Who knows, as you use it, you may feel like you need to graduate to a more detailed formula.With million people living with diabetes worldwide, we often still feel alone and unprepared. With diabetes bags made for organization and a community of people who are just like you, Myabetic will help you feel connected and prepared for every day with diabetes.

Be organized and prepared with your diabetes routine. Now Available: Edelman Diabetes Backpack. Diabetes cases to prepare you for any blood sugar while on-the-go. Clemens Diabetes Compact Wallet. Banting Diabetes Wallet. James Diabetes Compact Case. Thompson Diabetes Travel Carry-All. Love Bug Diabetes Case.

I recommend these cases and on the plus side they are so stylish! I was really shy when it came to carrying my diabetes supplies with me before, but now I don't have to worry!

I always get comments like "That case is so cute! We've developed premium diabetes cases exclusively for Medtronic's insulin pump. Click here to learn more and shop! Click here to shop. You are not alone. Our diabetes community is here for you through the highs and lows. We will continue to face diabetes together, united by our remarkable stories. Would you like to share our products?

If you are a Certified Diabetes Educator, run a diabetes support group, are a diabetes event organizer or simply want to share our products with your community, please email us! We are happy to ship Myabetic brochures to you. We respect your privacy, you are signing up for marketing emails.I used to lie to my pediatric endocrinologist.

Not proud of this. Do you think we need to look at that morning insulin:carb ratio? Maybe that needs some tweaking, to help with these post-breakfast numbers. There was a good, full year or two when I was a teenager wherein I would meet with my pediatric endocrinologist and have these strong, intelligent conversations about blood sugars and ratios and numbers.

She and I would crunch numbers and make changes, all in pursuit of lowering my A1C which, as a teenager, swung wildly. I talked the talk. I sounded like a gave a shit.

télécharger all my diabetes shit diabetes log book daily

I was a very privileged teenager in that I had access to excellent diabetes care at the Joslin Clinic, a stash of insulin and glucose meter test strips in my bathroom closet at home, and a family that was both interested in and dedicated to my health and well-being. So why the hell was I lying to my endo? With bells on! Um … weighted bells! It was hard to explain to her how much I wanted her to like working with me, and to be proud of me, as part of our patient-HCP relationship.

Embracing honesty with my current endo has been difficult, but necessary. It took a long time to make me feel as though honesty was the best policy because it actually enabled my doctor and I to address the things I needed help with, instead of pretending that everything was fine. Like I have no more excuses.

It is, like you said, a vicious cycle. Lie and your health may suffer, or be honest and hope like hell you get it right. The important thing is to keep trying, no matter what. That was my mind set for so long! BUT I have come to terms that sometimes diabetes is just a bully. I used to make up logbook numbers for my pediatric endocrinologist. After reading this I agree its a waste of time, but I also feel like if I was sat down and explained everything about my disease and how I should do things I would probably have done a better job.

I think its hard having a chronic illness at such a young age. We probably all did things like you and I have written, just to get by and walk the diabetes walk. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

After leaving that practice my new cde is a type 1 also. Someone who gets it! A hcp that is judgemental will never get honesty. This was an excellent post. Once the child became a teen, though, he rarely even checked his blood glucose levels at all.

Diabetes Log Books

Teens think they are going to live forever. Sadly, the truth is I almost […].Skip to main content of over 20, results for "diabetes log book". Skip to main search results. Amazon Prime. Shipping Option. Customer Review.

Diabetic Log Book- Discreet Cover

Get it by Friday, Oct Daily Readings For 53 weeks. Get it by Wednesday, Oct Only 1 left in stock more on the way. Type One Rockstar Easy to use log book, perfect for anyone with diabetes. Easily track meals, insulin usage, and carb counts by Jessica Sackman.

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