Roland versacamm cutting strip

Discussion in ' Roland ' started by MasonMay 15, Welcome To Signs This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. May 15, 1. SP V is not making complete contour cuts. The cutlines look like dashed lines, not completely cutting, Ive changed the blade, adjusted cut pressure both up and down, reduced the "up speed" all to no avail. May 15, 2.

Is it consistantly the same dotted configuration?? May 15, 3.

1000002598 Cutting Strip

Could be the teflon strip on the printer under where the blade cuts that needs to be replaced. May 15, 4. May 15, 5. Change out the blade holder if the protection strip doesn't look worn. May 16, 6. May 16, 7. May 16, 8. I believe your ink is too wet while cutting The ink sometimes softens the media to a point where we get some crazy cuts also.

It's especially annoying at inside corners.

roland versacamm cutting strip

Jusy keep your knife handy. May 16, 9.Skip to content. Quick links. Please note we do not give engineering advice in this group. We've had a second-hand Versacamm SP for nearly 9 months now I'd say and recently the cutting has started to go a bit 'off'. When we do small jobs, say two rows of 4x4cm stickers the cut lines all cut perfectly. But when I've been trying to do more than that in one go with 'Print and Cut' each sticker's cut line along the row is slightly higher then the one before it.

It's never more then a 1mm at a time I'd say but it's enough to ruin the look of quite a few stickers! I'm guessing with the larger jobs something's happening as the vinyl is being fed back through. I'm going to try manually realigning the vinyl after printing and then doing the cut after using the printed crop marks etc to see if it can do a larger job that way. But of course ideally we'd like it to be like it was before, just printing and cutting straight after the other to save us time.

So does anyone have any advice as to why it might be doing that now and anything we can do over here? I'd rather we learn to fix these things in house if possible then call someone out. Thanks Lizzie. Wen you choose CustomCUT layout rather than the standard CustomROLL layout, you get to specify the sheet length, allowing you to have the run of print jobs automatically split into sections of the specified length.

The printer will then print and cut each section one after the other, giving perfect registration between print and cut each time. Last edited by Tom King on Fri Oct 07, am, edited 1 time in total. That looks like it might be the exact thing for the job I need to print and cut sheets of small exact barcodes for our pretend food packaging in our play shop so speed and accuracy are a good thing.

I'll try this afternoon and let you know if there's any more problems. I had another thought last night though.

Sometimes we need to cut long strips of things that are longer then the width of the material and so have to cut lengthways. In that case the printer still has to cut over a long length and we still get the problem of the line shifting. Is there an easy way to make sure this doesn't happen as well, or with the longer material are we best just cutting it ourselves? In that case you would need to slow down the cutting speed and increase the number of pinch rollers pushing down on the media where possible.

The slower the speeds the less likely the media is to slip or twist as it feeds through. Feeding of the media is what tends to cause the cutting innacuracy some medias can be gripped better than others by the machine's rollers due to different backing materials. If you are still struggling after changing the speeds, you could cut one strip, basepoint the carriage back at the front of the sheet a little further over and repeat.

Cuttign them one at a time will improve the accuracy each strip in the same way that CustomCUT does for your labels.

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Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests.It allows for straight and true cuts without any jagged edges or ruined material. Please note: GS and GX cutting strips are not interchangeable. Please select which machine you have in the model drop down menu. Credit Cards. All other international orders MUST be paid via a wire transfer. More details below. Final delivery will be made by the United States Post Office.

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roland versacamm cutting strip

The normal pm cutoff does not apply to freight shipments. Equipment Vinyl Cutters. You've Selected:. Purchase Orders International Orders. Availability: Ships from warehouse, when in stock.

Orders exceeding the stock on hand amount are processed as special orders, which require additional processing and shipping time and are not eligible for return. Condition: New.

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They are built to run all-day-and-night, engineered to deliver unmatched image and color quality, and designed to work with hundreds of different materials. Watch the video below to discover why these successful sign and graphics businesses chose Roland.

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TR2 ink features additional Orange Ink for expanded color gamut and reproduction of specific brand colors.

Roland Cutting Strips for GS-24, GX-24, GX-300, GX-400, GX-500, GX-600 CAMM 1 Vinyl Cutters

They are designed with uncomplicated controls and highly advanced features for easy production and a comfortable machine experience. You can achieve so much more with TrueVIS integrated printing and contour cutting technology. Create heat-transfers, decals, labels, vehicle wraps and other profitable applications in one seamless workflow. Wall Graphics. Signs and Banners. Vehicle Wraps and Graphics. Posters and Fine Art.

Die-Cut Labels and Decals. Heat Transfer Graphics. FlexFire Printheads FlexFire technology gives your prints a new level of rich, deep colors and smooth contrast by firing precise and perfectly placed round ink droplets, faster than other printheads. Engineered to be Tough, Designed to be Easy.

Simplified new drag-and-drop interface to quickly add jobs to the print queue. Five print queues, five hot folders and unlimited queue settings. Simple-to-master cropping, tiling, nesting and other common RIP features. Looks like you're coming to Roland DG's Americas' website from outside our territory. To navigate to your regional website, please use our region selector.Roland Intelligent Pass Control with variable droplet technology delivers beautifully smooth, band-free accurate color on a wide range of media.

Other advanced features include automated maintenance, precise media handling, Ethernet connectivity, and an optional take-up system. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience and to analyse your use of our website.

roland versacamm cutting strip

By clicking, you consent to our use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie statement. The Best Value Inkjet on the Planet. Real value begins with real quality and performance. Overview Specifications Find a Dealer. Watch the videos.

roland versacamm cutting strip

Distinguishing Features. Photorealistic printing up to x dpi Print speeds of up to 84 sqft. By eliminating the need to reload and reposition graphics, the VersaCAMM saves you valuable time and effort. Outstanding Print Quality.

Built to Roland DG standards for precision imaging, the SP-i series produces outstanding 4-color photorealistic graphics. Variable droplet technology using three droplet sizes delivers beautifully rich, accurate color on a wide range of media. Automated Print Head Maintenance System. The VersaCAMM SP-i series features an automated maintenance system that ensures consistent image quality and saves valuable ink and time, resulting in lower running costs.

During normal operation the printer can wipe and clean the print heads at regular intervals to prevent clogging from dust and other debris.

VersaCAMM SP-540V 54" Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer/Cutter

If the unit is idle for a period of time, the printer can also perform an automated routine to maintain the print heads in top condition. See VersaWorks 6 page for details. Hide this message This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience and to analyse your use of our website.Fri Apr 13, am Author: Dan Osterbery. Fri Apr 13, pm Author: Andrew Blackett. Fri Apr 13, pm Author: John Dorling. L-Gold Member. Fri Apr 13, pm Author: Chris Wool. Fri Apr 13, pm Author: Dan Osterbery.

Fri Apr 13, pm Author: Scott. Sat Apr 14, am Author: Andrew Blackett. Thu May 31, am Author: Dan Osterbery. Thu May 31, pm Author: Andrew Blackett. Fri Jun 01, am Author: Simon Worrall. Sat Jun 02, am Author: Andrew Blackett. Sun Jun 03, am Author: Simon Worrall. Sun Jun 03, am Author: Mark Nihotte. Sun Jun 03, am Author: Martin Armitage. Sun Jun 03, pm Author: Chris Wool. Sun Jun 03, pm Author: Andrew Blackett. Premium Member. Wed Jun 06, pm Author: George Elsmore.

Wed Jun 06, pm Author: Andrew Blackett. Thu Jun 07, pm Author: Paul Hodges. Thu Jun 07, pm Author: Andrew Blackett. Fri Jun 08, pm Author: Paul Hodges.Technical Support for. Search Reset. Expand All Collapse All.

Color Calibrating a Print Mode. This document describes the process for calibrating or linerizing a print mode in Roland VersaWorks. Printing Grays in Roland VersaWorks. First in the series "Know Before You Print", this document explains when and why to use the test print and cleaning feature.

Using Roland Color with Illustrator. Details how to use the Roland Color System for perfect matching color out of Illustrator. Instructions on how to use the Custom Cut feature in VersaWorks. This instruction set is for configuring VersaWorks to a determined page size to increase cut accuracy. VersaWorks Reinstallation Procedure. VersaWorks Tutorial Tips and Tricks. This document offers tips and tricks on how to use VersaWorks effectively in conjunction with design applications such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

Windows 7 Support Information - Color Products. Digital Wallpaper substrate. Windows Windows driver for the SP or SPv.

Only works with these models as they are the only USB style machines. SP Series Firmware v7. This zip file contains firmware for the SP series VersaCamm printer cutters. Package contains firmware file, installer application and instructions on installation. End User BiDirectional Adjustment.

Details how to ensure correct print quality by using the BiDirectional Adjustment. This document details how to perform the Media Feed Calibration.

Changing Your Cutting Strip - Imprintables Warehouse

This test is crucial in removing banding from prints.

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