Lg c9 vs e9

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lg c9 vs e9

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Hi Folks, I'm planning to upgrade to one of the above as and when they're out. Thus, i'm struggling to understand why I'd want the C9 over the B Can anyone help?? GAmbrose Well-known Member. GAmbrose said:. Flecky81 said:. Gazgum Well-known Member. Gazgum said:. No banding? Assuming they are new panels, the manufacturing process should improve on this, year on year. Someone posted this in another thread, which is far better than my OLED:.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. LG C9 vs E9 vs E8. Thread starter whitelightning Start date Jan 8, Tags oled tv. Hi, I'm after some advice for a new TV as my E7 has bad irreparable banding.

After owning the E7, I do like the E series' build in sound bar and picture on glass. Is there that much difference between the 8 and 9 series? Factoring in soundbar cost, I don't think there's not much savings between the C9 and E9. The E8 does seem to be at a bargain price. The e9 will have marginally better processing than the e8, so visually I wouldn't reckon a huge difference. Imho though the e9 sound improved a lot over the e8.

LG E9 OLED (OLED55E9, OLED65E9) review

I think the e9 looks fantastic and sounds very impressive for a TV with a built in bar, but of course you are paying a premium over the c9 where you could spend the extra on a soundbar. Of course the other big difference is that the e9 had hdmi 2.

So it's potentially more future proofed if you would make use of its features. I've read similar too, that the sound on the E8 isn't even a match for the E7, and the E9 is just so much better. I am edging towards the E9.This is especially evident in the design.

Both TVs are absolute top-of-the-range devices that only differ in design and sound. So if you like the chic Picture-on-Glass design of the E9 and appreciate the sound of the integrated soundbar, you should go for the E9, because the surcharge is worth it. Du befindest dich gerade auf der englischen tvfindr Seite. You are currently on the German tvfindr page. Generic selectors. Exact matches only. Search in title.

lg c9 vs e9

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lg c9 vs e9

Best TVs. TV comparisons Compare yourself New. Compare for yourself! Our conclusion: OLED with or without a soundbar? Updated on December Selected from TVs. LG E9. Comparison winner. Check price. You like tv findr? LG C9. All data without guarantee. Get offer. Compared to the C9, it is immediately noticeable that the E9 manages without a visible stand.

Instead, the base is hidden behind a rectangular glass plate on which the OLED panel rests. Under the panel is a 4. The picture offers perfect black, theoretically infinite contrast and a very wide viewing angle, as one is used to with OLED TVs. Of course there is also HDMI 2. The LG E9 is available in 55 and 65 inch sizes.LG Display is investing hard in its OLED TV productionand while prices have yet to drop to broadly affordable levels — you can see the damage in the pricing section below — the sets offer some of the best picture quality on the market.

This was all true last year as well. The set measures x x 50mm by itself, with that last figure changing to mm if you include the stand. All the ports are the latest HDMI 2. Be warned though: we found the Bluetooth 5.

Just a shame about the patchy Bluetooth connection. Pointing at Netflix or Hulu? One of the recurring issues with watching HD content on 4K televisions is that you need decent picture processing to enlarge the image without it seeming too artificial. The ability of OLED panels to 'turn off' individual pixels makes for incredibly deep blacks, and startling levels of color contrast, and the gains are obvious to the eye.

This is a television made for atmosphere, and even regular SDR images enjoy a real boost to the colors on-screen. Especially in bright environments — say, a well-lit living room in the afternoon — the extra details afforded by 4K can be harder to pick out. When it comes to audio, however, the E9 has the advantage. With a unique look, and the multi-channel audio to elevate it above other OLED sets in the range, the E9 is a fantastic addition to any living room. Home Reviews.

For Incredible picture quality Glass panel design 4.Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. With its OLED TVs, LG not only has designs on delivering excellent picture quality, but it also wants to be at the centre of your living room experience. Can it stay on top then, or is it in danger of being surpassed by its rivals? Related: Best 4K TVs. The thin OLED screen, barely there bezel and brushed-metal finish give it a minimalist feel.

Should you want to wall-mount it, the E9 supports it. Front-firing speakers are located towards the bottom and the stand, as it is, is a combination of what appears to be a wafer-thin edge of curved glass and a counterweight on the rear.

And despite initial concerns that it could tip over, the weight of the counter-balance ensures it stays planted. The Magic Remote remains unchanged.

While the point-and-click nature of it can be fiddly, it becomes natural and intuitive to use within the confines of the webOS interface. Video streaming aficionados should be sated by dedicated buttons for NetflixAmazon Video and Rakuten via the Movies button. The physical connections are housed on the rear and to the side, and you get 4 x HDMI 2. Related: What is Bluetooth 5?

The presence of HDMI 2. For those worried about burn-in, LG has sought to reduce its impact with the screen reverting to an animated screensaver mode following a few minutes of inactivity. I should also mention that the E9 is WiSA ready. Related: Dolby Vision — everything you need to know. WebOS returns and is still a slick smart offering. Intelligent Edit allows the user to reorganise the row of apps on the homescreen.

Over time, apps will be listed according to how often you use them. All the major on-demand and catch-up adds are supported, with Rakuten TV available in 4K. Not all the apps offer this functionality, though, and personalised recommendations are available only if you sign in. Quick switching between apps is supported via the launcher, so you can bounce between apps without much of a delay.

The Home Dashboard is the control hub for all inputs, outputs and IoT appliances. The Dashboard is also the place for managing Bluetooth devices, as well as AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit devices once that update rolls out. If the pop-up messages become too annoying then they can be switched off, but they were few and far between during testing.

Related: What is AirPlay 2? Google Assistant is built-in and can field queries by holding the mic key. You can ask the E9 to search for a programme, switch channels or HDMI inputs and so on, and voice control works well enough. Picture quality is frequently outstanding, with great results from native 4K content and upscaled material. There are several picture modes from which to choose and a multitude of settings to go with them.

The TV boots up in Standard mode, which has a relatively cool colour temperature but affords an enjoyable picture out of the box. Blacks look as slick as oil — although, arguably, they can be a little too strong. It also offers a crisp sense of detail. Step down to Freeview HD and it remains a colourful and bright image.We purchase our own TVs and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily.

No cherry-picked units sent by brands. Note that this is different to permanent burn-in; learn more about permanent burn-in here. When it matters: When changing channels while watching TV, right after changing the type of content i. Good value: 0 is perfect. Noticeable difference: 0. Good value: 0 is perfect Noticeable difference: 0. When it matters: When watching TV shows with static logos or banners news or sports channelswhen playing video games with a HUD heads-up displayand when using a TV as a PC monitor.

When it matters: Sports, video games. When it matters: Fast movement. When it matters: All usages, but particularly when viewing fast motion such as in sports and video games or when using the TV as a PC monitor.

When it matters: For people sensible to flickering. Learn more Flicker-Free What it is: Whether the screen will be perceived as having no flicker during normal viewing conditions. Frequencies that are multiples of 60Hz are better. When it matters: When flicker is desired by the user. Flicker is especially useful to make motion look clearer when viewing 60 fps content sports, video games and when using motion interpolation.

Differences in the LG OLED Line Up: B9, C9, E9, & W9

Good value: Yes Learn more Min Flicker for 60 fps What it is: Lowest possible frequency of flickering pattern when playing 60 fps content. When it matters: When viewing fast motion such as sports and video games. When it matters: When playing 60 fps content, such as sports and video games. Good value: Yes Learn more Hz for fps What it is: Whether the screen can flicker at Hz when playing fps content or interpolating lower frame rate content up to fps.

When it matters: When playing fps content, such as when using motion interpolation on a Hz TV.

lg c9 vs e9

When it matters: When playing video games with fast motion. It's an optional feature that increases the frame rate of the video, smoothing movement.

When it matters: If you like the look of smoothed video. Not everyone does. Learn more Motion Interpolation 30 fps Picture Motion Interpolation 30 fps What it is: Whether the TV can take a 30 fps input and heighten the frame rate to at least 60 fps. When it matters: 30 fps or lower videos. Includes movies, TV shows, some video games. Learn more Motion Interpolation 60 fps Picture Motion Interpolation 60 fps What it is: Whether the TV can take a 60 fps input and heighten the frame rate to at least fps.

When it matters: 60 fps videos. Includes some video games, some sports channels.Despite word of ongoing production issuesand the effect of a global pandemic on distribution channels, it seems like LG is still releasing its new sets on schedule too.

With there being so many different models to take in, though, we thought we'd lay out the whole lineup announced so far, in one admittedly quite long piece.

We've run through the technological improvements you can expect from LG TVs, what TV models are actually being introduced, and even the LG's sets that are still on sale today. The former uses a four-step upscaling algorithm while the latter uses a six-step process to reduce noise and enhance the picture.

OLED uses organic light-emitting diodes in each pixel to create virtually unlimited contrast a pure white pixel next to a totally black pixel next to it, for example but is limited by its peak brightness. However, it still bodes well for the gradually lowering prices of OLED TVs in general, and we'll be keeping an ear out for inch sizes for any of the other models in this year's range.

What's notable, though, is we heard the BX will be releasing by April — despite last year's B9 model having taken until September to hit the market. The short gap between models may mean the upgrade from the B9 is minimal, but it does mean those after a mid-price OLED don't need to wait around for LG's best crack at the category.

It sits on a unibody stand or can be wall-mounted. Like years prior, it will still use an attached Dolby Atmos soundbar as a hub for inputs and outputs and need to be mounted. It also supports ATSC 3. This series will use the Alpha A7 Gen.

The only downside to this model is that it uses edge-lit LEDs instead of a full array panel which will definitely take a toll on contrast, but again, you get what you pay for.

The LG Nano90 is one step up from the LG Nano85 and the big change is that it uses a full-array panel for better contrast and comes in a larger, inch screen size. Otherwise it has all the same specs and features as the LG Nano Going up one more step is the LG Nano Unfortunately they only have a native refresh rate of 60Hz and use a basic IPS panel. Unfortunately there's no Dolby Vision support at this level and the panel runs at a native 60Hz.

Both those specs change with the next step up, thankfully. The panel gets upgraded to Hz at this level and has some form of local dimming.

LG C9 (2019) vs E8/ C8 (2018) OLED TV Comparison

It's not going to be as good as the Nano Cell TVs above it, but if your budget is very limited, these will probably offer the best bang for your buck. What you see up above are all the new models for — that said, you'll still be able to find plenty of screens in stores for the next few months. Here are the TVs from last year with their sale prices in case any of them catch your eye.

With 33 million pixels across 88 inches of screen, it'll certainly have to work hard to do it — and the a9 Gen 2 processor will surely come in handy. The W8 came with a 60W 4. LG OLED E9 available in 55, 65 inches : If last year is anything to go by, the new E Series model will feature the same specs at the W9, but with a glass body and tacked-on chassis instead of the W8's 'wallpaper' design.

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