Kamen rider faiz episode 1 dramaindo

Here's our quick guide to the best family-friendly movies and shows you can stream right now. Watch now. Title: Kamen Rider Faiz — The new Kamen Rider Series for The story of 2 chosen "Kamen Riders" who must fight in order to survive. But what is the point of being a Rider?

Defeat the Riders! Of the fated 13, only 1 will Survive. The story revolves around Tendou Souji, a masked rider whose goal is to kill all Worms that threatens the peace and humanity. An amnesiac, happy go lucky boy uses the power of Agito to battle the Unknowns and unravel the mystery of his past. Having himself telepathically linked to a mysterious stone belt, Godai Yusuke believes that he is fated to be the warrior Kuuga, who fights the Gurongi monsters that keeps murdering humans.

A detective,Hidari Shotaro, and an unknown library-boy Phillip combine to become a half-green half black hero to protect Fuuto city by using Gaia Memories.

Millions of years ago, species of animals fought on the Earth for dominance. These species were called the Undead, and humanity somehow won the great battle. In the present, someone Zawame-city is a company town where the Yggdrasil Corporation. In the city, young street-dancers divide up into a few groups. They enjoy dance battle and a sport that fighting between small Living a Shut-in for most of his life, 22 year old Wataru Kurenai seeks to fulfill his dream of surpassing his late father in crafting a amazing violen while also protecting the world from A high school student uses a mysterious belt to fight the Zodiarts, who plot to take over the world.

By traveling through time, he transforms into Kamen Rider Den-O, Eiji Hino is a young man who travels the world, trying to escape a tragic event from his past.Hopefully you guys enjoy this first episode and hopefully leave a follow, good review, or favorite to the story.

Takumi Inui was talking a walk to the park, the day was perfect, luckily, he was an Orphenoch, so he would be fine, just hopefully he could follow the rule of not revealing his identity or even changing to the Legend Wolf Orphenoch at all. He still had the Faiz Belt and Faiz Phone, good news, he still had many days of time to actually transform into Orphenoch without losing control, but he barely ever transforms anyway.

He looked up to see an Orphenoch charging towards him, angrily, he strapped the Faiz Belt around his waist before pressing the button code on the Faiz Phone. He flicked his hand a bit before charging towards the Orphenoch, he punched at the Orphenoch before kicking it in the face, the Auto Vajin rode to his side, Faiz walked over to one of the handles and took off the Faiz skretcher and placed it into it.

Faiz charged towards the Orphenoch and slashed through it, a school bus stopped when it saw Faiz slash through the Orphenoch, the bus driver even saw Takumi be released from the armor. A child was watching the battle, he came to chase after the Orphenoch to find out why it killed it's mother, and how she just changed to sand when she dropped to the ground.

The child was known to be named Haruto Shinho, "Alright, Shinho I want you to keep this suitcase safe. In this endlessly expanding universe, Can You Feel?

Let's tell the story about this powerful but tiny world. Tell me the truth about the future I believed in. Is it really falling apart? The sadness in it It repeats in many times.

kamen rider faiz episode 1 dramaindo

Doko yuku But just where are we to go?! Right now, each and everyone's heart is in the vain of death. But they're awakening! Time to Go! For the sakes of being strong! Teenage Haruto Shinho walked onto the bus before putting the SmartBrain suitcase into his backpack and taking a seat, the bus drove firmly to the school and Haruto wasn't surprised about the looks of the bus stop, it was a monster school.

Kamen Rider 555 Episode 01 – 50 BATCH Subtitle Indonesia

He walked towards the school and stopped when he noticed a girl on the ground, "Oi! You ok?! What's yours? I'm off to class Nekonome started the lesson while Haruto examined the SmartBrain suitcase gift from Takumi, "What exactly is it? Nekonome left after explaining the rules of the school, giving the signature of break time.

Haruto took a voyage through the halls of Youkai Academy, searching for what every single room in the school has, he found out that the Dorms would be private, luckily, he was training inside his Dorm later after school. He punched more and more at the punching bag, more and more sweat came down his face as his fists hit the Punching Bag, knocking it back and forth each punch. I can do it I just have to try He stopped when he heard a scream, "Guess it's time to use it!

Moka was being attacked by an Orphenoch, shouting for help while the Orphenoch readied it's attack, Haruto stopped in front of the area on a replica of the Auto Vajin, the RPX Faiz, "So You Orphenochs think you can walk around and seep into this school? Big Mistake on that! Haruto got up and looked at the 'Moka', "Guess you had a transformation too, huh? Haruto had just become Kamen Rider Faiz X, or Kamen Rider X Mode, he charged towards the Orphenoch and punched it many times before giving the let's go hand taunt to the SeaHorse gladiator creature.

The Orphenoch growled before punching into Faiz's stomach, sadly, his fist was easily caught before a post message of a kick from Moka was sent to the silver creature.Kamen Rider is the incarnation of the Kamen Rider franchise.

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An intruder breaks into the research lab of Smart Brain and steals a mysterious device the company is working on. Yuji Kiba leads a peaceful life until a truck hits his car, killing his parents and himself in a coma. Two years later, he awakens to find his life in ruins — his girlfriend Chie had left him for his cousin, and his house is gone. In a rage, Kiba kills his cousin with his newfound Orphenoch powers. Meanwhile, Mari Sonoda is traveling towards Tokyo on her motorcycle as Takumi Inui follows her believing she has taken his bag.

However, the two are attacked by an Orphenoch. Mari attempts to use the Faiz belt to fight, but fails. She pushes Takumi to use it, and he defeats the Orphenoch. After obtaining his actual bag from the police, Takumi and Mari continue to reluctantly travel together to Tokyo. Takumi ditches Mari but he comes back when he realizes they have switched bags just in time to save her from an Elephant Orphenoch.

Kiba still has not come to terms with what has happened to him. He tries to kill himself but finds he can't. He meets up with his old girlfriend thinking they can start over. She turns on him when the police arrive to talk to her about his cousin's death. He later kills her.

kamen rider faiz episode 1 dramaindo

Kiba goes off with Smart Lady after killing Chie. Takumi still refuses to help Mari protect the Faiz Gear and leaves her when he finds that she has been lying to him about her wrist being hurt. A girl named Yuka Osada, who is ignored by her family and bullied at school by her own sister, begins corresponding with a guy named Keitaro Kikuchi. Mari later meets Keitaro after a road accident and helps him deliver his company's dry cleaning.

At Kumamoto Airport, the Ox Orphenoch attacks a man. Meanwhile, two tunnel construction workers discover an abandoned school deep underground and are trapped there by a cave-in. The Ox Orphenoch attacks Mari for the belt but Takumi uses it to save her by destroying the monster.Episode My Darling Flower. Download Subtitle Script. Episode Orders to Capture! Episode Preach Love! Arata must face the difficult truth about who his younger brother really is. Souji confronts Arata, telling him that he will defeat the Worms, no matter who they are.

In the end, Arata is left with the toughest choice of his life, as the rain begins to pour…. Episode I Am Justice! A woman named Yuki is attacked by the Lanpyris Worm and impersonated, but she survives, leaving two Yukis running around, but one is swiftly captured and imprisoned. Complete Series Batch. The Zi-O batch has arrived at last to rule over time and space… or maybe just your hard drives, as this is a loaded batch with several extras!

There are a number of v2s with patches included for most of them Complementation Project v2s are small and were not patched.

Fixes include:. Barring any major errors that I missed that are identified after this, these will be the final versions of these files. Download Subtitle Script Pack. Download v2 Patch Pack. Episode Second Level Transformation. After enjoying a meal at a small French cafe, Souji and Arata rush into another battle with the Worms where Souji reveals that he knows more about the Masked Rider System than he first let on, gripping the Kabuto Zecter…. Episode The Strongest Man.

When the paths of ZECT member Kagami Arata and the mysterious Tendou Souji cross, the day Souji has waited for finally arrives, as he is the man who walks the path of heaven…. This one comes courtesy of a number of subbers, with Yongou over Yonder providing the original scrub, reworking by Earthly, and an editing pass by MirrorWorld. Additionally, the fine folks over at RiderTime Subs lent a hand with new translations of the episode titles for us!

As it is my understanding that RiderTime is still planning an entirely top-to-bottom retranslation of the series at some undetermined point, my intention is to patch in their subs to these releases as their new subs get released, and they are of course welcome to use the BD encodes for their releases as well. Mission 1: Special Ops Sentai, Assemble! The evil group Vagras are determined to steal this energy to attack humanity, but standing in their way are the Special Ops Sentai Go-Busters!

Anyway, enjoy! Busters, ready… go! Download Subtitle Scripts.

kamen rider faiz episode 1 dramaindo

After Koh saved Oto from the grasp of the Druidons, Canalo starts to slowly believe that the Ryusoulgers can become allies of the sea. Despite this, however, his mentor and Dinoknight partner, Mosa Rex, refuses to get involved in the matters of the Ryusoul Tribe of the Land and refuses to say why.

That does it for Ryusoulger Box 1! It only took 3 months! Canalo tries to return her to the sea, as he is concerned with the fact that she has never been on land before.

Just then, Kreon suddenly appears before Red and Gold and takes Oto as a hostage, demanding that if they want her set free, then Canalo must attack the Ryusoulgers! Complete Series Batch Rejoice!However, their true goal is to Take Over the World by forcing mankind to the next stage in their evolution : the Orphnoch.

A young man named Yuji Kiba is involved in a terrible car accident, falling into a coma for two years and eventually dying. However, moments later he comes Back from the Deadreviving as the Horse Orphnoch. He is stopped by the mysterious Smart Lady, the mascot character of Smart Brain, who gives him a new home and purpose; one that he soon comes to rebel against.

Mari Sonoda is an orphan who receives a Smart Brain briefcase and motorbike from her stepfather in Tokyo. On her travels she encounters the Stoic drifter Takumi Inui, and a mixup with their bags causes him to pursue her.

Soon afterwards, Mari is attacked by an Orphnoch who is after the contents of the briefcase: the Faiz Gear. Putting on the Faiz Driver, Mari attempts to transform but is rejected by the belt. In desperation she puts it on Takumi, and he successfully transforms into Kamen Rider Faiz. What unfolds is a saga between two men on different sides of the same war: friends as Takumi and Yuji but fierce rivals as Faiz and the Horse Orphnoch. Things become more complex with the arrival of Masato Kusaka, a fellow orphan and wielder of the Kaixa Gearwho holds a deep infatuation with Mari and is not shy about disposing of any romantic rivals.

The trio of belts is completed with the arrival of the Delta Gear, which can be used by anyone. Opposing them is Smart Brain's strongest four OrphnochLucky Clover, whose objective is to seize all three Gears and awaken the mysterious Orphnoch King. In addition to the main series, Kamen Rider has two spinoffs. A manga adaption focusing on the character of Masato Kusaka was announced in September 13th,and will be written by veteran Tokusatsu writer Toshiki Inoue.

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Kamen Rider 555 Episode 01 – 50 BATCH Subtitle Indonesia

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kamen rider faiz episode 1 dramaindo

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Kamen Rider 555

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