Jvc 58 uhd led tv review

We purchase our own TVs and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. New technologies are maturing and are becoming available in more mainstream models. This TV is no exception and it delivers outstanding picture quality. It doesn't get any better if you like to watch TV in the dark, where black is black, period. That said, it may not be as good a choice to use as a monitor or for long gaming sessions, as those usage scenarios often involve a lot of static user interface elements that are displayed for an extended period.

LG has implemented some measures to prevent burn-in, such as screen savers and ABL Auto Brightness Limiterbut some may find the latter a little too aggressive. On the bright side, this TV performs great in a bright room thanks to its excellent reflection handling and decent peak brightness.

Motion handling is also outstanding thanks to the nearly instantaneous response time, which, coupled with low input lag and support for variable refresh rate, makes it an excellent TV for gamers. Overall, this is an excellent TV for a wide variety of uses, and it should satisfy anyone looking for the best 55" TV.

If you don't mind spending a bit more to get the latest and greatest features, go with the B9, but if you want a TV that will perform equally as amazing for most uses but costs a bit less, get the B8.

It has a full-array local dimming feature and it can get extremely bright to make highlights pop in HDR content. It has decent viewing angles for a VA panel due to its 'Ultra Viewing Angle' layer and its reflection handling is outstanding, making it a good choice for bright rooms.

Lastly, Samsung's Tizen OS is very user-friendly and there are a ton of apps available through the app store. Overall, the LG offers a better viewing experience, but if you want to avoid any risk of burn-in, then the Samsung is a better choice. This TV stands out not only for its outstanding out-of-the-box color accuracy, but also for its exceptional peak brightness, especially in HDR mode.

Combined with its wide color gamut, it delivers HDR content with vibrant colors and bright highlights. This TV has a fast response time that results in clear images and very little motion blur. Most gamers should be satisfied with its Hz refresh rate and low input lag, but there's no support for FreeSync. If you want to use the TV as a monitor, it can display most common resolutions as well as chromawhich is great for text clarity.

When it comes to streaming services, you should be able to find nearly anything you want from the Google Play Store. Since this TV runs on Android, you can also interact with it through the Google Assistant, allowing you to control the TV, search for content, or ask for info such as the time or the weather. All in all, if you want accurate color reproduction but you don't plan on having the TV calibrated, then go with this TV.

It has very similar overall performance to the Sony XG ; however, it has a slightly lower input lag and it supports variable refresh rate technology for a nearly tear-free gaming experience.

jvc 58 uhd led tv review

There's also an 'Auto Low Latency Mode' which will save you the trouble of having to change picture mode every time that you want to game, though it only works with compatible gaming consoles like the Xbox One.There is nothing like more competition within the realm of 4K to help shake the prices a bit.

JVC entered that realm last year and set a goal to launch 4K at a price anyone could afford to compete along side popular brands like Sharp and Vizio. It actually sports a full-array backlit screen with local dimming 32 zoneswhich is great for the price and provides detailed blacks ie, shadows. We used out standard calibration disc to help balance things and then applied a few custom adjustments from there.

Eventually we got an image we were pleased with. It is what it is and since JVC is new to 4K, they may be playing it safe. The detail was there and the colors were rich again, after we adjusted everything.

We watched portions of How to Train Your Dragon 2 on Blu-ray to focus on detail to color and were very happy with what we saw. Throwing in Call of Duty Advanced Warfarewe found that the shadows and other dark regions of the game were very pleasing, really taking advantage of the 32 dimming zones. Although 32 is a low number compared to some of the competing brands, we were surprised to find the spec at all for how much it costs.

We did not however test for lag this time around while playing online. This was our fault for leaving that out of the tests. Looking back at it now, we feel it would have been more important to worry about than the level of blacks. If you have acquired the TV yourself, please do share your opinions about such below in the comments. We would like to hear about how well it does. Sound was average but left nothing out.

It feels like a repetitive topic, but we always bring up that a flat TV is a flat TV. Some consumers find the sound coming from such TVs to be lacking and not worthy enough for watching movies. However, the thing they leave out is the fact that it is a TV with basic speakers meant for casual TV watching and not a all-in-one theatrical sound experience.

For everything else, there are soundbars and AVRs.

jvc 58 uhd led tv review

We found nothing wrong with the sound coming from the JVC. It sounds similar to an average Samsung or LG.

jvc 58 uhd led tv review

Great for news, weather and Sunday morning cartoons. It offers both Wifi and wired access to the internet. The Roku plugs into the USB port and provides all of the necessary apps. We found this to be an odd approach, but also expected this as we had already written a preview before the TVs were launched, where JVC had explained this to us.

Wired ethernet however showed no troubles. Also, you will find an optical out on the back as well for sounding digital to an external AVR or soundbar.

The remote is simple. By simple, we mean really simple—at least the front side is. However, turn it over and you will find some of the missing buttons you would normally look for on a remote for a TV today, as well as a full qwerty keyboard. We always love to see qwerty keyboards on remotes. Enough to say that it helps a tad in our final score of the TV.

There have been reports of the stand being slightly wobbly. These reports seem to be true in our experience as we noticed the slight wobble front to back.Want to watch your favourite shows and movies on a big screen, and see even bigger savings when you purchase your next TV? Get to know a little more about what JVC has offer with our guide below. We list a number of the best televisions currently available from JVC and review their features and prices.

It has a sleek and lightweight design with wide viewing angles and a slim profile to support wall-mounting, according to JVC. It supports full HD with x resolution, using digital processing on input signals to improve the viewing experience. Other specs include:. JVC still believes in owning hard copies, especially since many streaming services still need an Internet connection to gain full access to the content library. Whether you want to surf through Netflixor pop in a disc, watch what you want in full high-definition x resolution.

JVC claims this makes the model a suitable option for people looking to buy a wall-mountable television. Love sport? The Smart TV function can also allow you to watch replays and interviews, or even browse the Internet to find out more about different players.

Please note this model is currently not available online. It comes with a number of built-in apps including Netflix and YouTube, plus has quick-access buttons on the remote control. Other features include:. This is said to provide a clear and crisp image, ensuring you can enjoy even the smallest details.

Plus, the flat-panel TV design also means the model has wide viewing angles. It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi module, operates on Android 5. Having a Smart TV means you can access the Internet straight from your television, so you can watch online videos on the big screen and stream media from your smartphone.

Please note, this model is currently not available online. Shopping for a television with decent picture quality and an affordable price tag? The brand offers a number of flat screen TVs and modern screen TVs, with prices very competitive compared to the market.

Certain units also include a built-in DVD Player, allowing you to make the most of your entertainment collection. The brand performed particularly well in terms of picture quality and ease of use. Some other television brands to look out for include Sony, Samsung and Hisense.

Hit the link below for more details. Canstar Blue may be paid for this referral. If you click on a brand that is not a referral partner, you will be taken to a brand page on Canstar Blue.In our review testing lab we look for consistency in a brand and model series in many categories such as Picture Quality attributes from all resolutions and in a dark or light room environment.

We look for good features, gaming performance, and aesthetic appearance with a solid working platform from the menu interface and remote control. At 55 inches you get your best value of any size TV due to a plethora of competition. This is an excellent TV all the way around for a reasonable price.

It's got a standout feature in excellent full array local dimming. It's got superb black levels, contrast and processing. Full Review. It's a toss up between this and the Xe Sony for best value.

Both great choices. At 55 inch you get your best value of any size TV due to a plethora of competition. It's got HDR, great processing and 4K resolution and good aesthetics. This Sony has bit better picture quality than the MU Samsung and cost a bit more as well. This is the replacement for one of the top quality models from last year. Picture depth, detail and refined image edges are highlights. Low input lag for gaming is a standout feature.

Color and light flow through are surprisingly good on this inexpensive Vizio D series model. The Smart TV function works well, and the unit has extremely low gaming input lag. Picture quality cannot keep up though. Fantastic color as well. Read Full Review. It's a close second. Read Review. Vizio has a very complete offering in the M-series 4K series.

Review: JVC 65-inch Diamond 4K UHD LCD TV (DM65USR)

We were impressed by the upscaling quality in recent testing. Read review. This Samsung delivers some great value for the features it packs. The HU above it gets the curved design and a few more picture quality features. An important thing to note is the flat design keeps the price down. The UN55H offers a few extra features over the H below it.

The small step gets you some pretty hefty feature upgrades. The touch remote adds voice control, which we found to work pretty well last year. The 55LB has plenty of picture quality features, though many were dropped that are on the LB above this one.

Still, the LB is a solid buy for value TV shoppers.This company is not yet accredited. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter!

jvc 58 uhd led tv review

Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Get one. They on sale now. Oh and easy to set up with Alexa. Fire tv built in. I'm never buying another product other than jvc.

Sharp picture and colors are very vibrant. I would buy another JVC television on my next purchase. Get buying tips about TV Brands delivered to your inbox. The quality of their products is good and the customer service is not bad. They try to help with problems as quickly as possible but getting through their phone system takes a little work. Great equipment and technology. After researching why my Tv freezes when it turns on and does nothing else, it's the motherboard and needs to be replaced.

JVC TVs Review & Guide

Never again will I purchase a JVC product. This JVC tv in our guest bedroom and so hardly used, except the one time we have guests, the Tv stops working. I have had it since and still running strong. Again do not buy! Ordered online through a local store. Was delivered a day early. Let it set over night. Plugged it in this morning and the top left side of the screen has a big crack going half way through the screen to the right n bottom.Current City : Riyadh.

Catch every detail on every corner of the screen with sharper wide range of colors. Feel like living in a colorful virtual world or being surrounded by paintings of famous artists in an art gallery via UHD 4K. Reach higher contrast levels and wider color spectrum with high image depth and quality. With incredible brightness, contrast, and color, JLED bring entertainment to life before your eyes. By fully leveraging the maximum potential of new cinema projection technology, Dolby Vision gives the result of a refined, lifelike image that will make you forget you are looking at a screen.

JVC Smart Center allows you to access various internet contents with a simple click on the remote control. Using Smart TV apps, basically, you can stream music, videos and movies in real time from several - websites. You can watch the missed episodes of your favorite TV shows via catch up service. Add To Wishlist. Extra Taqseet. Price Alert. View gift details. View Product Details. Change Store. Riyadh - Worood Out Of Stock. Every product come with manufacturing warranty that covers the basic needs, we understand that you need more peace of mind.

More Details. Installment program powered by United Company for Financial Services Tasheel Finance designed specifically to suit your. Color: Black.We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

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Read on for our best advice on picking the right smart TV for you, and get ready to experience television in a completely new way. Smart TV apps exist for just about any use, from watching a movie to catching up with friends, and almost anything else you can think of. Most smart TV owners use apps for activities such as the following:.

Streaming TV and movies: By far the most popular apps on smart TVs are those that connect viewers with their favorite subscription-based streaming services.

Many support popular titles ported from Android and iOS smartphones. Many smart TVs support mainstream video-calling services and feature a built-in camera so others can see you as well. Shopping: Your smart TV screen doubles as a window for window-shopping.

Many major online retailers have smart TV apps so you can use your TV remote to explore and purchase any product you can think of. In fact, the most important factor when shopping for any type of TV is the screen, both in terms of the screen resolution and the picture quality. Before you start shopping, decide what your ideal resolution is and what type of TV panel you want. Higher-resolution screens produce more detailed images, so if you want the best picture quality available, spring for a 4K set.

LED screens, the most affordable, can produce impressive imagery at any resolution. OLED screens are vastly superior because each pixel is individually lit, resulting in a brighter image. They significantly improve brightness and color reproduction but still lag behind the brilliance of an OLED screen. For example, in order to get Netflix content in 4K, users must upgrade to a more expensive subscription plan.

Before you start shopping for a smart TV, know how far your money will go. For example, some low-end 4K TVs have multiple inputs but only one that supports 4K content.

The majority of 4K TVs in this price range are average which is still incredibleand with the right sale, you can find an outstanding set for this much.

Come for the 4K; stay for the high dynamic range HDR.

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